Great Wrestling Stories as told by the fans that lived through them...

Sometimes, the bookers don't have the idea that get a wrestler over. Instead, it is the fans who follow this crazy sport.

Hardcore fans got the horseman over. Started chanted ECW, etc. No promotion designed this, it was the fans.

I bet you have some funny stories, but no one to tell them to or no place to share them. You might think no one else would get "the story". WELL, think again!! Please email your stories to and we will post some on the page and maybe even create a sub site. (Of course, by emailing it in, you give me permission to me post it on this site.)

Held up a funny sign? Made a wrestler break character?  Did you cheer for Tex at Center stage? Were you a Marietta or Atlanta Boy? Maybe you spent some time in "Front Row, Section D"  in the Carolinas? Maybe you have fun in the Nashville shows driving Bert Prentice crazy? Maybe you give Dubba Jay a hard time in Orlando?  Cried at a wrestling show... Well, we can skip that one.. So Come on,  start typing now!!

If you have done any of these things, I wanna hear from you!! 

Wrestlers, Tell me your stories also! Can't wait to hear from you.


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